• Orchestra Concert Festival Schedule (2/19/2018)
  • Band Concert Festival Schedules (2/19/2018)
    Please review the spellings and grade-levels of your groups. Email spencer.nesvick@gmsdk12.org before Wednesday 2/21 for any changes. Time changes will not be accepted as great time and detail went into slotting each band based on our by-laws.
    Also, provided percussion equipment will be sent out at a later date. As you plan day-of schedules, please remember to bring your detailed seating charts to the back of the auditorium as soon as you arrive.
    By-laws are as stated under Article XV Concert Festival: I. Any special requests for performance times and/or days must be submitted with the entry form in writing, and will be considered as possible, but cannot be guaranteed. Earliest entries will be given first consideration within their grade level. Groups with the same director and multiple performing groups will be scheduled accordingly.
    Finally, those without checks postmarked by 2/16 will be disqualified. Currently there are 64 bands registered online and only 19 checks that have arrived. Here are the by-laws for fees: SECTION 4. Fees.

    The entry fee shall be $100 for groups with 25 or fewer members, $125 for groups of 26-50, and $175 for groups with more than 50 members, and is non-refundable.

    Spencer Nesvick
    Memphis Area Concert Festival Event Chair
  • All-State Lists (2/19/2018)

    The 2018 All-State Lists have been posted.

    2018 All State 11-12 Symphony Orchestra
    2018 All State 11-12 Band

  • Martin Solo and Ensemble Registration (2/15/2018)

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  • Jackson Concert Festival (2/14/2018)

    Registration for the Jackson-Area Concert Festival is now open.

  • Jackson-Area Solo and Ensemble (2/12/2018)

    The schedule for the Jackson-Area Solo and Ensemble has been posted.

  • All-State Information (2/12/2018)

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  • Financial Report (2/8/2018)

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  • Middle School Blue Band Students (2/6/2018)

    Directors of students in Middle School Blue Band,

    As indicated in the music, all students need to bring 2 rocks to hit together during Rock Music by Alex Shapiro. There rocks may be from any source and of any type.  Each sets uniqueness is actually part of the work’s aesthetic. They should be large enough to be heard, but small enough to fit comfortably in the player’s hands. Thank you for helping make this year’s All-West Clinic a success for our students and organization.

  • Concert Festival Registration (2/2/2018)

    Registration is now open for all Memphis-area Concert Festivals.

  • August Meeting Minutes (1/29/2018)

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  • Event Registration (1/23/2018)

    Registration for all All-West groups is open. Please be sure to complete the online portion of the registration by Friday, January 26th.

    Event Registration Page

  • 11-12 Band and Senior Orchestra Results (1/21/2018)

    Results for the 2018 Senior 11-12 Band and the Senior Symphony Orchestra have been posted.

  • All-West 9-10 Senior Band (1/21/2018)

    Results for the 2018 All-West 9-10 Senior Bands have been posted.

  • All-West Jazz Band Results (1/21/2018)

    The results for the 2018 All-West Jazz Band have been posted.

    Directors, please remember that the registration deadline is this Friday.

  • All-West Middle School Band Results (1/21/2018)

    The results for the 2018 All-West Middle School Band have been posted.

    Directors, please remember that the registration deadline is this Friday.

  • All-West Audition Job Assignments (1/7/2018)

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  • All-State Decision Form (1/5/2018)

    The All State Decision Form has been posted. These forms must be turned in to the check in table next Saturday.

  • Member Information Update (1/3/2018)


    In anticipation of All-West auditions and clinic, please take a moment to update your information in the Member Directory. This will make it easier to find you when it is time to call up alternates, solve problems, and contact you when needed.

    To update your information, simply click on “Update Your Information” under the “Members Only” tab.

    Thank you,


  • All-West Clinic Registration (12/14/2017)

    Orchestra directors,

    All-West Clinic registration will not open until after Band auditions in January. Please do not mail money and contracts in until you register online in January.

  • Percussion All West Music Information (11/9/2017)

    Members of WTSBOA,

    We have updated the Percussion audition music for the All West Middle School, 9-10, and 11-12 Bands.  It came to the Executive Board’s attention that we made a serious error in regards to the current music.  The etudes were copyrighted music by Dr. Julie Hill and Dr. Eric Willie and were used without their permission.  I feel terrible about this and I take full personal responsibility in that all of the audition music had to be approved by me before they were published.  It was sloppy on my part and I apologize to Dr. Hill, Dr. Willie, and Row-Loff Productions for using this material and publishing it on our website.

    Dr. Hill and Dr. Willie have been very kind and professional during this whole process.  I want to thank them and Row-Loff for working with us to make sure the students don’t have to completely start over with new music.  There will be minimal changes to the music, with only a few additions made to ensure the full etude is being performed as originally intended.  In addition, Dr. Hill and Dr. Willie are providing video tutorials for the students to help them as they prepare for the auditions.  If you would like to purchase the book that features these etudes and many other great learning etudes, please click here on the hyperlink to look at it: http://www.rowloff.com/BooksFolder/AIAE.html.

    Again I apologize to everyone for this very serious error on my part, but cannot express enough my gratitude to Dr. Hill, Dr. Willie, and Chris Crockarell at Row-Loff Productions for their willingness to make this work for our students!  If you have any questions or concerns, please email officers@wtsboa.org.

    Stephen Price

    President, WTSBOA

  • All-West Orchestra Auditions (10/2/2017)

    Registration for All-West Orchestra auditions is now open.

  • SmartMusic Files (9/26/2017)


    WordPress will not allow me to post SmartMusic files on the website. As a test, I have posted the Middle School Band music to my school website. I do not use SmartMusic, so I cannot test the links. Please let me know if there are any issues.

    Thank you, and I apologize for the delay in posting. If these work, I will post the rest as quickly as possible.

    Click here to download the smp files.

    Thank you,


  • Marching Festival Results (9/25/2017)

    The results from Saturday’s Marching Festival have been posted.

  • Directory Information (9/14/2017)


    If you have not updated your information in the directory, please take a moment and do so. Just click on “Update Your Information” under the Members Only tab at the top of the page.

    Thank you!

  • All-West Audio Recordings (9/14/2017)

    Several mp3 and midi files have been posted for the All-West Middle School and 9-10 bands this week.

  • Jazz Band Audition Music (9/4/2017)
  • Senior Band Music (8/22/2017)

    Audition music for the 11-12 Senior Band has been posted.

  • Updated audition music (8/22/2017)

    The following audition music has been updated:

    9-10 Percussion

    11-12 Violin Excerpt A

    9-10 Viola Excerpt A


  • Additional All-West Music (8/21/2017)

    The following audition music has been posted:

    • Middle school strings
    • Junior percussion music
    • 9-10 percussion music
  • All-West Audition Music (8/21/2017)

    All available All-West music has been posted. The rest will be posted as soon as possible.

  • Meeting Announcement and Agenda Items (8/16/2017)


    All agenda items and announcements for our meeting on Saturday must  be emailed to Stephen Price no later than Friday.

  • Fall Financial Report (8/15/2017)

    The latest WTSBOA financial report has been posted for members to review before Saturday’s meeting.

  • Meeting Minutes (8/4/2017)

    The minutes from the May meeting have been posted.

  • Website updates (8/1/2017)

    Welcome to the new WTSBOA website! From this point forward, all members should receive notification when new announcements are posted. Please login and check your information for accuracy.

    If you have problems logging in, try using all caps for your credentials. The new website is case sensitive, and this has solved most of the login problems we have encountered. Please email Susan Spain if you have any issues with the new site.

  • WTSBOA Membership Forms (7/31/2017)


    Below are the forms for WTSBOA membership. Please bring these with you to the meeting on August 19th.

    Member Invoice

    Membership Form

  • May Meeting (4/27/2017)

    Just a reminder that the May meeting will be Saturday, May 6th.

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