All-West Jazz Audition Information

All students will play their prepared pieces, All students will sight-read, and All students except drummers will Improvise two (2) choruses of F-Blues (Track 8) Volume 42: Blues in All Keys, by Jamey Aebersold And One (1) chorus of B-flat Rhythm Changes (Track 1) Volume 47: I Got Rhythm Changes in All Keys, by Jamey AebersoldFor the F Blues the student will listen to one chorus and then improvise for 2 choruses. For the Bb Rhythm Changes, the students will start improvising immediately after the count-off. For their improvisation, drummers will play 8 Measures of the following styles; (In 4/4 time: 8 Measures of Swing at BPM = 160, 8 measures of Samba bpm = 160, and 8 measures of Funk bpm=120